Reduce Costs and Increase Productivity with Rules Based Printing

Reduce Costs and Increase Productivity with Rules Based Printing, RYAN Business Systems

Small and mid-sized businesses are always looking for ways to reduce costs, make their operations more efficient, and improve the overall quality of the products and services that they deliver. To work towards these goals, many businesses put rules in place to better manage their resources and output.

Setting parameters around your print environment is an easy and effective method for increasing productivity and reducing costs. Be sure to enlist your employees in the process; making your team aware of the financial impact that printing has on your organization can help to get everyone on board with your program.

Rules based printing embraces the following techniques:

  • Using your most efficient printers for large print jobs.
  • Limiting color printing to certain employees and/or departments.
  • Setting printer defaults to black and white, double-sided printing, for most jobs.

If you are interested in starting a rules based printing initiative, here are a few ways to get started:

  1. Take an inventory of your printers: If you find that you’re using multiple printer vendors, there could be an opportunity to increase your savings by partnering with just one vendor.
  2. Determine what you spend on maintenance, paper, and related printing expenses. Include service and repair charges, consumables, paper and any outstanding service agreements.
  3. Evaluate existing printing rules. Can employees use any printer at any time? Does your assistant use the highest cost device because it’s in their office? Evaluate your employees print habits; often, they’re unaware of how their actions will affect your bottom line.

Rules based printing can offer big opportunities for increasing productivity and controlling costs. You may want to consider having a Managed Print Service provider conduct a print assessment for you; they can give you an expert’s perspective and help you establish your rules based printing plan.


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