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Do you know exactly what you’re spending on your print environment?

If you’re like 90% of companies, you probably find it difficult to accurately track, measure and control your print volumes and costs. Your printing can be costing you significantly more than you think! Next to operating costs like rent and utilities, print is often the next highest expense for most businesses.

To create the most efficient, effective and productive print environment, it’s important to undertake a complete audit and assessment of your current print devices, determine your actual usage volumes, and actual print related expenses.

Your post assessment fact-based report will address and answer these three questions:

1. Which departments and users print the most?

2. What types of devices are being used?

3. What is your actual cost-per-page and overall print environment expense?

We also include observations, recommendations and opportunities to improve in these three areas:

1. Waste reduction

2. Print controls and best practices

3. Sustainable print environment strategies including recycling

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