Canon PRISMA Workflow Applications


Take Your Production Print Operations to the Next Level

Increase flexibility, efficiency and performance across your operation with Canon PRISMA print workflow automation and production tools from RYAN. Streamline and standardize your workflow for every job. Grow your business with impressive applications and tools. Whether you have one engine or a fleet of different devices, PRISMA empowers you to take your entire print operation to new levels of productivity and profitability.



Order and Workflow Management Solution.

PRISMAprepare from RYAN is an integrated job preparation application that increases productivity by automating routine and complex, time-consuming processes in prepress workflows: from composition through production.

PRISMAprepare all-in-one job preparation solution helps accelerate document make-ready from composition through production.

Whether you're collecting and cleaning up pages from digital or hard copy sources, enhancing documents, assigning media attributes, creating inserts or optimizing image color brightness and saturation, PRISMAprepare streamlines your prepress workflow from start to finish.

PRISMAprepare Go

Cloud-Based Production Job Onboarding Solution

PRISMAprepare Go from RYAN is a job submission and preparation application that offers an off-the-shelf solution that can help increase the efficiency, flexibility, and profitability of smaller, in-house print centers and print service providers. This workflow application is both easy to use and configure, so your customers can get up and running quickly and efficiently.

PRISMAprepare Go is the easy way to begin migrating your job submission and print production workflows to the cloud without specialized training.

A quick and secure way to submit print jobs, PRISMAprepare Go gives customers direct access to your print services via their own unique portal log-in, helping to grow your repeat customer base.

Start directly with a structured and professional approach to job submission. PRISMAprepare Go offers the flexibility to extend functionality as your operation grows. This cloud-based application provides rapid job submission, preflighting, order management, imposition(1) and streamlined production printing processes.

[1] Optional


Order and Workflow Management Solution.

The Canon PRISMAdirect workflow management solution from RYAN helps streamline print production workflows from order intake through production management to reporting and accounting.

PRISMAdirect can help simplify order acquisition from a multitude of channels including email (MS Outlook), FTP servers, supported web shops or uniFLOW, Canon's industry-leading print and scan management solution.

The optional PRISMAdirect Webshop allows the creation of targeted virtual storefronts for different audiences. PRISMAdirect's core is the order and production management dashboard, designed to manage orders containing print and/or non-print items. Operators can manage production or kitting of jobs assigned to them via their personal job view dashboard.

The extensive reporting and accounting capabilities of PRISMAdirect can help you gain more insight into your operation.

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