Canon uniFLOW Software

Canon uniFLOW Software offered by RYAN Business Systems in Connecticut

uniFLOW is designed to save your organization time and money by providing effective controls over its entire printer and multifunction printer (MFP) fleet. With its modular design, the uniFLOW solution can scale to fit any size organization, and can be customized to fit your organization’s specific needs.

uniFLOW offers organizations the following functionality:

  • Full accounting and reporting (Canon and 3rd-Party devices)
  • Follow me printing, and device authentication (Canon and 3rd-Party devices)
  • Secure mobile printing (Any mobile platform)
  • Print room management (CRDs and/or print rooms)
  • Job routing (Canon and 3rd-Party devices, including desktop printers)
  • Scanning workflows (Scan to Mail, Scan to folder, Scan to MS SharePoint, and advanced business processes)
  • And more…
With the implementation of uniFLOW, RYAN can help businesses to implement a thorough pandemic recovery strategy for keeping essential, shared, office equipment available for business employees. uniFLOW from RYAN decreases the risk of possible smear infections of highly frequented office printers by offering contactless secure printing. Employees can use their personal ID cards, or their smartphone to authenticate at the device.

Following authentication, all print jobs in the queue can be released immediately in one go, limiting touching the device. Alternatively it is possible to release print jobs, without physically touching a device, via the uniFLOW mobile app. After login in the app users can select jobs from their print queue for release at whichever device they choose.

As print jobs are only released when an employee releases them, large gatherings are avoided at devices. Print jobs do not pile up in the delivery tray, waiting for employees to search through the pile. This means time spent at the device is reduced, crowding is avoided and productivity is increased.

When you begin the process of returning to normal office life after this pandemic, RYAN can help you to implement the necessary measures to ensure safe operation of your office print equipment by your employees.

Managing multiple print devices can be a challenge – from cost overruns and lack of cost control to confidential documents that should be “eyes only” but end up in the tray for all to see.
There is good news, however. uniFLOW from RYAN helps your organization gain control with a single, modular system, helping to meet all of your print and scanning needs. uniFLOW is made up of 1 platform, with five pillars:
Pillar 1: Office Printing & Accounting
• secures documents, devices, adds secure print queues with authentication and “follow me printing” to any devices – not just local.
• All printing, scanning, copying and faxing costs can be charged back to departments or projects to maximize cost savings
Pillar 2: Document Scanning
• Documents can be captured from the device and efficiently processed: distribute documents to e-mail, folder, cloud or backend systems.
Pillar 3: Mobile Printing
• Employees and guests can print securely from their mobile phone from any location
Pillar 4: Device Management
• uniFLOW can monitor the print fleet and automatically notify the administrator of any device changes, and all device activity can be audited to meet security requirements
Pillar 5: Production Printing
• Print jobs are sent to the print room via digital job ticket where they are centrally managed by the operator, from document make-ready to production.
Benefits of uniFLOW:
Reduce costs
Increase security
Improve productivity
Help the environment

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Immediate Benefits:
Reduce Costs
uniFLOW offers numerous features which help reduce printing and copying costs. Costs for the initial purchase of uniFLOW are recoverable within months after implementation. The key drivers that facilitate significant cost reduction are:
  •Automatic deletion of unreleased print jobs
  •Implementing print policies e.g. setting duplex and black and white as default
  •Reroute print jobs from costly desktop printers to multifunctional devices or the print room
  •Allocation of costs to individual users, departments or projects
  •Reducing IT overheads by rolling out just one printer driver for your entire device fleet
  •Leveraging existing hardware to make the print and scan environment cloud-ready

Increase Security
Document security is paramount for businesses in order to avoid data breaches, theft of intellectual property or confidential documents falling into the wrong hands. uniFLOW will ensure documents are secure. The key drivers behind increased document security are:
  •Secure release of personal print jobs across multiple devices
  •Restricted access to device functionality for specific users, groups or departments
  •Automatic deletion of secure print jobs when a device error occurs
  •Receive alerts as soon as an information leak occurs including a complete content audit trail

Improve Productivity
Introducing a print and scan management platform such as uniFLOW for managing business processes enhances usability and makes processes much more productive. Helping users to be more efficient with print and scan processes allows them to focus on core tasks therefore increasing profitability. The key drivers improving business productivity are:
  •Reduced time spent inputting data at the multi functional device when digitizing documents
  •Allowing users to print from any mobile device to any printer at any location
  •Users can release their print jobs at any printer

See uniFLOW in action! Contact a RYAN representative today to see a demonstration. Use the contact form above, or call 800.842.1916 and ask your RYAN sales representative for more information about uniFLOW.

Finance Director’s expectations:
With uniFLOW, Finance Directors can chargeback users, departments, groups, or cost centers for the costs of printing, track cost savings and the environmental impact of a printer or copier fleet, easily generate reports to assist in financial planning, and manage printer, copier, and consumable payments to the hardware supplier.

Track all output costs:
uniFLOW uses detailed charging profiles to allow differing costs for different printers, users, groups, or cost centers. uniFLOW calculates prices for printing, copying, faxing, scanning, and all print room jobs.

Price profiles, budgets, and multi-level cost centers:
Price profiles can be created in uniFLOW to account for different types of charges, such as color and black/white printing, page sizes and paper trays, single-sided and double-sided printing, and finishing options.

Users, groups, and cost centers can be given budgets to stop or restrict printing – for example, color printing is stopped if funds run out.

Budgets can also be automatically updated or updated via a user payment. Multi-level cost centers can be used to allow for easy usage chargeback. Also, users can be automatically prompted every time they print a job or use the MFP to make a copy.

Universal Driver:
The uniFLOW Universal Driver can help fix the often, too common “incompatible driver” problem. The uniFLOW Universal Driver works by ensuring that the printer specific codes are only added to the print job once the final printer type is known, resulting in a correct printout every time.

Device Authentication:
Requiring authentication at a device can help prevent unauthorized printing and copying, faxing and scanning to email, and confidential documents lying on the printer tray.
Authentication at the device also unleashes an imageRUNNER ADVANCE feature set which includes “Scan to My Folder”, “Scan to Myself” (email), “Quick Menu” personalization, and “Key Chain” login.

Secure Printing:
The uniFLOW version of follow me printing, My Print Anywhere, offers users a convenient, productive, and secure way to print. When a user prints, his or her job is stored on the uniFLOW server until that user authenticates at ANY device on the network and releases his or her job

Secure Mobile Submission:
uniFLOW allows any mobile user to submit a print job, as long as that user’s mobile device has emailing capabilities. Users can also submit jobs via web browser, or printing directly from an application using an internet enabled driver.

Secure Mobile Release:
Once a print job is submitted, regardless of whether it’s from a desktop PC or a mobile device, the user will fall into the uniFLOW My Print Anywhere (follow me printing) workflow, where the user will walk to the most convenient device, and release their print job after authenticating themselves.

Multiple Identities & Guest Printing:
Users tend to have multiple identities in today’s mobile age, and uniFLOW supports that by allowing users to register each of their identities, such as email addresses or phone numbers, so that the uniFLOW system will recognize them, and allow them to print.

uniFLOW Secure Mobile Printing also provides the option for guest printing. Guest printing can be customized to allow visitors (outside the network) to submit print jobs, but with preset company restrictions.

Native Application:
There is also a uniFLOW native app for Apple iOS devices and Android devices. This app enables the mobile device to identify a printer, for example by a QR code, select a print job from the user’s personal print queue, make necessary print settings, and release their job.

Google Cloud Print:
uniFLOW also supports Google Cloud Print. So, users of Google Chromebooks, and companies that primarily use Google Cloud Print for all their printing needs, can print in a secure manner with the option of uniFLOW tracking all prints.

Job Ticketing:
uniFLOW can also help manage an organization’s Corporate Reprographics Department, or print room. When a user needs a production print out, they can simply submit a print job into the uniFLOW system, and a digital job ticket will automatically appear, where the user can specify his or her requirements quickly and accurately.

Re-Routing to the CRD and/or Print Room:
uniFLOW has the ability to route print jobs to specific printers or locations based on customizable criteria. In this case, if a print job is too large or complex, uniFLOW can automatically direct that print job to the CRD and/or Print Room, where a more economical/higher-end device can be used.

Web Submission:
The Web Submission module in uniFLOW provides an easy way for CRDs to offer products online, with a wide range of functionalities, such as a product catalog, shopping cart, pre-flighting, cost quotation, authorization, native file support, and credit card payment. Additionally, this module can support an unlimited number of shop fronts..

Automatic Job Re-routing:
uniFLOW has the ability to route print jobs to specific printers or locations based on customizable criteria, such as routing print jobs to the most cost effective device, or routing print jobs to alternative devices if one is not available – this can be done automatically as determined by an IT Administrator, or a user can be notified about the cost of his or her print job and have the option to reroute the job themselves.

Automatic Prompting:
As stated above, a user can be notified by uniFLOW if that user would be better served to re-route his or her print job to a more cost effective device.

uniFLOW also has an advanced authorization workflow built into it that allows approval for print jobs when certain criteria are met. For example, any print job less than 100 pages would not require any authorization, however if the print job exceeds 100 pages, authorization would be needed by a manager.

With uniFLOW, the need for an additional scanning system is redundant. Full scanning functionality is offered on a wide range of devices, including Canon multifunction devices and Canon imageFORMULA ScanFront Network/ Desktop scanners. Also, by implementing uniFLOW Scanning, the IT burden is reduced because on a single platform for printing and scanning, there is no need to manage users, roles, cost centers, and etc. in two different systems.

Many MFPs already offer basic scanning functionality, such as “Scan to email” and “Scan to folder,” however uniFLOW Scanning can offer an enhancement to the basic scanning functionality by providing ways for Business Process Optimization, which would require functionality, such as individual follow me scanning workflows, automatic detection of scanned document types, automatic extraction of key data, online database validations, and integration with back-office systems.