Do You Know What A Scanner Can Do For Your Business?

How often do you use your office scanner? Many businesses aren’t realizing the full power of this function which can seamlessly merge paper documents with digital data, allowing for greater productivity and efficiency.

Unlike previous generations of scanners which created a static image file, today’s scanners are equipped with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), allowing text on the page to be scanned and converted to digital information that can be indexed, filed, edited and stored. With this new technology, you no longer need to spend time on data entry; the scanner will covert the written text into digital text that you can manipulate.

There are many ways scanners can enhance your business. Here are just a few examples:

  • Scan to Email – Rather than waiting around for faxes and slower delivery methods, documents can be scanned and emailed directly to the receiving party.
  • Scan to Folder – Documents can be scanned and automatically saved in a file or network drive. This makes documents immediately available to a number of employees and can create backup copies of the document easily.
  • Automation – When the scanner converts the document to digital text, you can set it to trigger other actions based on the content. Data can be easily compiled and simple processes, such as marking an account paid, can be programmed to happen automatically. Relying on automation for basic office tasks can save both time and money.
  • Workflow – Scanned documents can be sent directly to your document management system, eliminating the need to manually shuffle paperwork around.

With today’s technology it’s easy to covert documents into digital files that can be edited, indexed, and used to automate processes. By fully leveraging these devices, you can reduce your reliance on paper and improve productivity.

Want to learn more? Contact us and we’d be pleased to discuss how scanning can help you improve your business processes today!

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