How Green Is Your Office?

How Green is Your Office?, RYAN Business Systems

Do you practice sustainability in your office?  It’s about more than simply switching off the lights, turning up the thermostat and tossing your water bottle in the blue bin. Going green at a business level is a multi-faceted process that can be helped by partnering with a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider.

As Earth Day approaches on April 22nd simple changes in your print systems and processes can help you to save the environment, and some extra cash too. Let’s look at a few ways MPS can help your business to become a little more eco-friendly.

Getting Started

Managed Print Services can really bring the green to your office. Starting with a complete assessment, an MPS provider will go through your print environment and evaluate it’s current status; this includes everything from printer usage and volumes, to energy consumption, to paper waste.

Next, an MPS provider can help to optimize your printer fleet. Old, obsolete, machines can be less than efficient when it comes to energy and consumables use. An MPS provider will work with you to upgrade your fleet to the latest technology that will cut your costs, reduce waste and lower your carbon footprint.

An MPS provider can help you go green by implementing a rules based printing policy that will introduce such measures as  toner reduction, duplexing and other conservative printing practices.

Paper usage is one area where many companies can experience immediate benefits. Did you know:

  • The average office worker uses an unbelievable 10,000 sheets of paper every year!
  • 45% of all printed materials end up in the trash by the end of the workday.
  • In the past 20 years paper use in the US has increased overall from 92 tons to over 208 tons, a 126% increase!

An MPS provider can help you to reduce your paper consumption by implementing electronic systems to reduce your reliance on paper. That means less energy spent printing, reduced waste and toner consumption, and more money in your pocket each month. Scanning and email systems that properly archive your work mean it’s easily accessible and secure. You’ll not only reduce waste, you’ll improve workflow too!

To get started today contact RYAN Business Systems for a free print assessment!


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