4 Proactive Ways to Keep Your Wireless Printer Secure

4 Proactive Ways to Keep Your Wireless Printer Secure , RYAN Business Systems

Wireless printers have transformed the way that many organizations do business today. Although many companies now rely on wireless printers and all-in-one devices, they are often not properly secured, leaving your entire network vulnerable.  As a result, wireless printers have become a favorite entry point for hackers to gain access to a network.

A wireless printer has its own hard drive which stores the data that has been transmitted to and from the device. If hackers were to gain access to your printer, they would have this information at their disposal. Imagine the damage that could be done if a hacker were to gain access to a printer used by departments such as Accounting or Human Resources that frequently print highly confidential information?

Fortunately, there are several preventative steps that you can take to keep your wireless printer and network secure and we’ve outlined four of these for you below:

  1. Install Firewalls – In the event that someone does gain access to your wireless printer, installing a firewall will prevent the hacker from moving beyond your printer to your network.
  2. Wipe Hard Drives Regularly – A printer used by an Accounting or Human Resources department likely stores a lot of highly confidential information.  Make it a habit to erase all the data from the printer’s hard drive frequently to decrease the risk of thieves stealing any important information.
  3. Encrypt Your Network – An encrypted network does not send your data as-is from device to device. Instead it encodes the information for transit, decoding it at the other end, offering an additional layer of protection. 
  4. Limit Access – You can’t control what employees have on their smartphones or personal devices.  Only allow employees to print from devices that your organization has control over otherwise you could be putting your printer at risk of being infected with malware.

Taking these four simple measures can greatly enhance your wireless printer security. By taking the proper precautions you can enjoy the convenience and efficiency of wireless print devices while keeping your valuable information secure.

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