Do You Know the True Cost of Your Printing?

Do You Know the True Cost of Your Printing? | RYAN Business Systems

Many businesses work hard to find ways to save money and cut costs, however, one often overlooked area that can provide significant savings is the print environment. When you consider all that goes into printing – supplies, repairs, maintenance – you’re probably spending more than you think. And, not knowing your actual costs makes budgeting virtually impossible.

Unmanaged Print Supplies

Without a print policy in place, you may be duplicating purchasing, spending more time and money than necessary and negatively impacting your team’s productivity.

Without a dedicated print manager, if toner is low, an employee may place an order without knowing if you already have toner in stock. That means spending money on unnecessary supplies. Toner can be expensive, and over-ordering can significantly impact your bottom line.

Beyond the cost of the cartridge, employee time spent online doing research and ordering supplies, is time spent away from their core business tasks.

Imagine if your employee has ordered a “cheaper” cartridge from a non-approved vendor. When it shows up, it’s an inferior product. If it leaks inside your machine, you now need to stop working and schedule a service call. You’ll need to order the right cartridge, and then figure out how to return the faulty product and get a refund – and fix your equipment.

Using Managed Print Services (MPS) and Lower Your Costs

With an MPS provider, this scenario plays out differently…

When your print devices are monitored and a device is low on toner, your provider is notified automatically, places an order for the proper cartridge, and it’s in your office the next day. All that needs to happen is for an employee to replace the empty cartridge with the new one.

That’s it! No stress, no mess and no wasted time or over-ordering.

A Managed Print Services provider works with you to provide comprehensive print management – from just-in-time ordering, to proactive maintenance, and repairs, freeing your team’s time to focus on what’s important.

Ready to learn more? Call today and schedule a free print assessment and let us show you how MPS can improve productivity, lower costs, and save you money! 


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