Tips to Keep Your Copier Running Efficiently

Tips to Keep Your Copier Running Efficiently | RYAN Business Systems

If your copier is working properly, it’s probably not something you think about. However, sooner or later a problem will arise.

Sometimes the machine doesn’t feed paper properly, other times it could be a user error like using wrinkled paper. Sometimes a cup of coffee accidentally spills and you’re down. Whatever the reason, inevitably stuff happens.

Most problems are easy to rectify, however, sometimes it’s not so easy. Here are three quick fixes to keep your copier up and running efficiently.

  • Lines or Streaking – If your copier output has lines, streaks or smudges, to fix the problem, it’s often as simple as cleaning the glass. However, if you clean the glass and the problem persists, it can be a sign of something more serious like a dirty roller, which will require a service call to fix. Try running a few sheets of clean, crisp paper which can pick up loose toner as it passes through the machine. To keep your copier running longer, take the preventative measure of cleaning the ”slit glass” – consult your manual for the location of this part.
  • Out of Paper.. Again! – Nothing is as frustrating as trying to print something and your printer says there is no paper in the machine, even though you just filled the paper trays. Check the touchscreen. If it shows they’re loaded, the problem is most likely the job – for example, it could be an image that is too large. Check for a paper jam, and follow the prompts to fix it. If nothing works, clear the pending jobs, reboot and resend.
  • Error Codes – New machines are easy to use and provide error codes when there is a problem. Sometimes you may get an unfamiliar code. The issue is typically caused by a corrupted file or when printing from the web. Clear the queue, try resending and check the manual to identify the code.

Your copier is the lifeblood of your busy office. With proper use and maintenance, you’ll prolong its lifespan and keep your office running smoothly.

Partnering with a Managed Print Services provider can help you keep your machines runnings efficiently, saving both time and money. Call us today for a free no-obligation assessment.

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