The Importance of Developing a Mobile Strategy

The Importance of Developing a Mobile Strategy , RYAN Business Systems

Is your business ready for the mobile revolution? Mobile devices have now become the primary way to access the Internet for many consumers. To stay competitive in today’s environment you need to have a mobile strategy.

Interesting Statistics

Smartphones and tablets have changed the digital landscape. Consider these statistics on how consumers are using their devices:

  • 3% of consumers exclusively use a mobile device for all Internet viewing
  • 91% of adults are within reach of their phone 24 hours a day
  • 95% of coupons sent by text message are opened within 15 minutes
  • 22% of mobile coupons are shared with friends
  • 70% of consumers are interested in receiving promotions on their mobile device
  • 75% of users access their mobile device in-store while shopping
  • 60% of shopping searches are performed on a mobile device; 90% of these searches lead to a purchase
  • 85% of millennials – the largest group of consumers – own a smartphone; 20% use it exclusively for Internet browsing

It’s clear that mobile devices have rapidly overtaken the digital scene. If you cannot reach your customers on their devices, you may not reach them at all.

Google now ranks non-mobile-friendly websites lower than their mobile-friendly counterparts. Utilizing a clean design and incorporating responsive layouts with an emphasis on visuals will make your website easily accessible to mobile consumers.

Apps are a feature-rich way to build an on-going relationship with consumers. Click-to-call, video chat, and interactive features help customers reach out for help and suggestions the moment they are needed.

Mobile is here to stay and it’s the way consumers engage. By developing a mobile strategy, you can take advantage of  the increasing reliance consumers have on their mobile technology.

Are you able to support your growing mobile workforce?  For more information on how you can enable your mobile team to print easily and securely from their smartphones and tablets contact us today!

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