Have You Considered a Print Assessment? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Have you considered a print assessment? Here's what you need to know, RYAN Business Systems,

An office print assessment is an evaluation of your print environment by an outside consultant. The fact-based report you receive after a print assessment can give you instant insight into your company’s overall print behaviors and practices so that you can improve your processes and pinpoint areas waste. A report includes such data as:

  • An inventory of your company’s print devices (including networked devices and offline printers)
  • An overview of each device’s usage, including color and black and white
  • Print costs by device and by page
  • Each department’s level of print usage, even by user
  • Total energy consumed by your print environment
  • Overview of your recycling activity

An office print assessment can provide a lot of detailed data to help you make smarter decisions regarding your printing and the costs associated with it.

Here are three common ways print assessments are conducted:

  1. Walk Around. This is the simplest way to assess your print environment. Walk around and inventory each device in your workplace. Print a configuration sheet at the start and end of the day to see your print volumes.
  2. Assessment Software. For a more detailed view of your print environment a Managed Print Services provider can deploy software that will collect data from all of your networked devices including actual cost of printing and volumes.
  3. On-site Services. Businesses that are larger, or have several locations, benefit from a more in-depth process to collect and analyze data. Often the return is equal to (or greater than) the scope of the study and can offer  significant savings!

Conducting a print assessment is a smart move if you’re looking to cut costs and run a more efficient operation. Many companies have difficulty getting a good handle on their overall print costs; a print assessment can give you the insight you need to improve your bottom line.  Contact us today for a free, no-obligation print assessment.

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