Place Your Printers Strategically

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Within a single workplace are numerous needs for documentation management – and that means your print fleet needs to be optimized with an eye toward maximum efficiency and fast output.

Having the right hardware, whether that entails a simple device or a more sophisticated Multi-Function printer/copier, is only the first step. You also need to determine where to put them so that they get use (but not abuse) from the people who need them most.

Where to put your printers

It’s clear that having the right device in front of the right people will help your print output, but determining that perfect match takes some strategy. Survey your departments to see what kinds of documents they make, how often they send documents to the printer, and what happens to the resulting hard copy.

You may discover that a department like Accounting uses printers frequently, but needs primarily one-color documents. In that case you might select a monochrome printer. Your Marketing department may use the printer for more complex projects, like colorful, image-driven presentations. In this case, a Multi-Function device can deliver functions like collating and stapling, which can save time; as well as cloud-based share functions that let remote users access documents quickly and securely.

Where not to put your printers

To reduce the risk of downtime, keep printers away from potential hazards like wind, rain or even coffee spills. Position printers away from doors that access the outside to ensure that the elements don’t damage the devices. Move them away from the coffee makers and sinks so that liquid doesn’t accidently spill into the machines.

Keep them humming

Once you’ve selected the right devices and placed them strategically, check with the users regularly to ensure that other issues, such as a disconnect between hardware and software or overloaded print queues aren’t contributing to roadblocks.

Managed Print Service (MPS) provider can help you optimize your print fleet in a way that meets both your needs and your budget. Contact us today for a free print assessment of your workplace!


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