Common Misconceptions About Managed Print Services

Common Misconceptions About Managed Print Services | RYAN Business Systems

Managed Print Services can help businesses of all sizes to enhance productivity, increase efficiency, and reduce spending—but there are a number of myths surrounding the benefits and value of MPS. Here is a list of some of the most common misconceptions to help you make an informed decision about whether or not MPS is the right choice for your organization.

Myth #1: MPS costs more than managing your own printing in-house.
Truth: When print equipment is spread throughout your organization it can be a difficult task to determine your true cost of printing, because it’s not uncommon for departments to look after their own purchasing, maintenance, and replacement of printers and consumables. With MPS these costs are centralized, and strategies can be implemented to save money by reducing or eliminating waste and inefficiencies.

Myth #2: When you partner with a Managed Print Services provider you will need to rebuild your entire framework.
Truth: There is no need to replace all your print equipment when you partner with an MPS provider. After your initial print assessment, we will find solutions to make the most of your existing equipment which may include optimizing printer placement or eliminating redundant or outdated machines as needed. New, more efficient equipment may be recommended to help streamline your print environment.

Myth #3: MPS will disrupt your workflow.
Truth: MPS is designed to enhance your office workflow by placing the right equipment in the right location for maximum efficiency and ease of use. An MPS provider will handle every aspect of your print environment including ordering supplies, scheduling maintenance, and managing repairs, so you can focus on growing your business.

Myth #4: MPS is only for large organizations with a substantial printer fleet.
Truth: MPS is the right solution for businesses of all sizes with a scalable cost/benefit ratio that works for anyone looking to save money on the cost of printing.

Myth #5: The print industry is dying.
Truth: While there is a movement towards a completely paperless office, the reality is a long way off. A more realistic approach to printing is partnering with an MPS provider to find solutions that help to save money and the environment by reducing waste, using fewer resources, choosing eco-friendly products and recycling solutions.

Managed Print Services can help take your business to the next level, with streamlined print solutions that help to improve workflow and save money on your cost of printing. Contact the experts at RYAN Business Systems to learn if Managed Print Services is the right fit for your business.

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