Want to Eliminate Distractions at Work? Try These Tips!

Want to Eliminate Distractions at Work? Try These Tips! | RYAN Business Systems

Sometimes it’s easy to get distracted at work. You’ve tried everything to stop, but still you’re checking out Twitter and not getting next quarter’s projections under control. You’ve installed extensions to block social media sites, tried time blocking and nothing seems to work. You’re still not getting anything productive done.

When conventional techniques fail, it’s time to try other options to get yourself back on track. Here are five alternative techniques for dealing with those times when you’re too distracted to get any work done!

Try to Just Let Go! 

Ever tried really hard to control a situation and the more you try, the less it works? A big source or workplace stress is trying to control things that you can’t. Are you using distractions to avoid dealing with stress? Try and practice just letting go. It might be exactly what you need to get back to work.

Take Frequent Breaks Throughout The Day 

When you’re distracted it might not feel right to take a break. After all, you’ve got all that work to do you’ve been avoiding! A study of 95 employees at Baylor University who work primarily on computers asked them to document their breaks. Researchers found that whenever they intentionally stepped away from their screens, they reported feeling less emotional exhaustion, and increased job satisfaction.

Let Yourself Be Distracted! 

Seems counterintuitive, but creativity sometimes strikes when you’re otherwise occupied. Being creative can help you to focus and get excited about what you’re doing. If you suspect that a distraction is holding you back, not fighting it can sometimes open your creative floodgates.

Warm Up With Some Creativity 

Sometimes starting the day with some mental calisthenics before jumping into work can help. Aaron Britt, Content Brand Manager for Herman Miller engages his team with 20-minutes of anagrams as a warm up every morning. This purposeful play uses the same mental processes that his team uses when at work.

Next time you’re distracted at work and conventional techniques fail, try these alternative options. They just might be what you need to get your focus back!

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