6 Tips on Copier Maintenance

6 Tips on Copier Maintenance, RYAN Business Systems

These office workhorses are vital to businesses, and when a copier goes down, it can grind your day to a halt. Taking the steps to keep your copier running smoothly can improve its lifespan and reliability.

1. Use the right equipment for the job. If you have a high-volume print office, you cannot expect a low-end copier to keep up. Before purchasing or leasing a copier, analyze your print and copying needs and get one that will match your usage for best performance.

2. Protect your copier. Everyday mishaps, like a coffee spill or dropping a pair of scissors can spell disaster for a complex piece of equipment like a copier. Keep food and drinks away from the copier at all times, and be careful with scissors and other sharp objects so you don’t damage the copier glass.

3. Get some training. Everyone who uses the copier should know how to maintain it. This can include cleaning procedures, replacing paper and toner, and knowing when to report a problem for troubleshooting.

4. Turn it off. When it’s not in use, such as at night and on weekends, your copier should be turned off or put into hibernation mode. This will prolong its life – and reduce your electric bill.

5. Clear the hard drive. Modern copiers have an internal hard drive that may be storing very sensitive information. Regularly clearing off this hard drive can help keep your copier running smoothly, and protect your company from data breaches. When it’s time to trade in your copier, completely erase or destroy the hard drive.

6. Use a Managed Print Service. Managed Print Service providers specialize in helping your office get the most bang for the buck in all areas of printing and copying. MPS providers can provide ongoing maintenance services, monitor for problems and perform regular upkeep as well as emergency repairs to help keep your copier running smoothly.

The copier is an essential piece of equipment for many offices. By taking care of your copier, you can help keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

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