What’s Best for Your Business: Copier or MFP?

What's Best for Your Business: Copier or MFP?, RYAN Business Systems

When it’s time to buy or lease a new printer or copier, it may be tempting to just get the newest model of what you already have. However, with technology changing so rapidly, not taking the time to consider your options could leave you with a device that’s not ideal for your business. Copiers and multifunction printers both serve as essential equipment in the office environment; but which one is right for your office?

The Multifunction Printer

As the name implies, a multifunction printer performs a variety of printing tasks, namely printing, scanning, faxing and copying. By condensing all four tasks into a single machine, you can save money on the purchase, maintenance, repairs and supplies compared to using four separate devices. This can equate to a huge cost savings for some businesses.

MFPs also take up considerably less office space than having several separate devices would. With real estate often at a premium, consolidating your printing tasks into a single device means more room for valuable employees and revenue-generating items.

MFPs are also useful in offices that rely on digital workflows. With scanning and faxing that can be delivered to the cloud, email, or digital workflow, a multifunction printer can effortlessly streamline these processes.

These benefits make an MFP a great fit for offices of all sizes.

The Copier

Today’s modern copiers have more in common with MFPs than the old single-function copiers. They are geared towards larger scaled copying and printing tasks, able to keep up with high volume production.

For offices that handle a wide variety of printing tasks the copier can be beneficial. They are able to handle a wide range of paper types and sizes, as well as print on other media, expanding your capabilities. Today’s copiers can also handle the tedious and time-consuming tasks of collating, stapling, hole punching, and booklet making, freeing up employees for more valuable tasks.

With so much to offer, the modern copier can serve large organizations or those who have high volume print needs.

A printer or copier can be a big investment for your company. Contact a RYAN representative today and we would be happy to help you decide if an MFP or copier is right for your office.

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