What You Need to Know About Your Aging Copier

What You Need to Know About Your Aging Copier, RYAN Business Systems,

Copier technology is constantly evolving. However, technology upgrades often end up at the bottom of a company’s priority list. Most likely, your copier is the hub of your office print environment and as multifunction devices have been introduced into the workplace, your employees are using them daily to print, copy, fax and scan.

Your print environment is a vital element with no room for compromise! There are clear indicators that it might be time to upgrade your copier.

Here are a few to consider:

  • Are You Meeting Your Business Goals? – Is your copier helping you or holding you back? Older machines can break down causing bottlenecks. New models offer features that can help you to better meet your goals.
  • Reduced Costs – A new machine can actually lower your total cost of operation. New machines use less energy and consumables and offer superior quality output.
  • Aging Devices – If your machine is five years old it’s probably costing you more than necessary for repairs and maintenance. At ten years the total cost of operation can outweigh the cost of new, feature rich technology.
  • Repeated Repairs – Are you on a first name basis with the copier repair guy? If so, it’s probably time to upgrade! Repairs can keep your old machine in service but lost productivity from downtime and excessive repair costs can take a toll on your team’s morale.
  • Enhanced Security – Is your copier network accessible? Then it is at risk like any computer on your network and requires the same level of security. New technology offers encrypted hard drives and password-protected access; protection that will keep your data safe from prying eyes!

If you’re ready to upgrade, look into the savings and features today’s technology offers. It’s not about unnecessary expense; a copier upgrade can help you cut costs, provide better security and increase productivity. Compare new technology against your business goals, productivity, workflow and operational needs and you’ll clearly see the benefits of upgrading.

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