Four Ways Digitization Can Benefit Small Businesses

Four Ways Digitization Can Benefit Small Businesses, RYAN Business Systems,

While the concept and benefits of the cloud remain a mystery to some, others have embraced the technology, and are moving towards a paper-free office environment. Large businesses have taken the lead, digitizing documents to enhance productivity, improve response times, more accurately monitor process status, and optimize workflows, but many smaller businesses continue to shuffle, stack, file, and sort paper, convinced the benefits of going digital only apply to the big guys.

However, studies have shown that over 65 percent of SMBs using digital optimization techniques reported a payback within the first one to two years, and over 70 percent were more than satisfied with how much they saved just by digitizing their accounting materials. In case you need further convincing, here are four more reasons to go digital.

  1. Size doesn’t matter. Paper is paper, regardless of the size of your office, and time spent looking for documents, or performing other paper intensive tasks, is time no one can afford to lose. Digital records are available anytime, from anywhere, increasing efficiency and simplifying collaborative efforts.
  2. Digital onboarding. Onboarding is a time and labor intensive process, which can be streamlined by digitizing application forms, contracts, legal documents and resumes. Systems can be customized to include limited employee access where they can find relevant information about company policies or they can update personal information without wasting valuable employee resources.
  3. Digitized accounting. This traditionally paper-heavy department can benefit greatly from digitization, allowing departments or individuals to scan invoices for quicker processing. Once in the cloud, department heads can quickly and easily analyze expenses and find potential areas of cost saving; further savings can be realized by taking advantage of early payment discounts from vendors.
  4. Increased mobility. By storing company documents in the cloud, information is kept secure and available, allowing employees to comment or share on collaborative projects, add new information, or edit existing information from anywhere they have an Internet connection.

Elevate your small business to the next level with digital optimization. You’ll enjoy streamlined workflows, increased security, and enhanced productivity, while customers enjoy quicker response times.

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