5 Tips to Save Money on Print Costs

5 Tips to Save Money on Print Costs, RYAN

When looking for ways to reduce costs and increase productivity, too few organizations think to look towards their print environment. The age, condition, number, and type of printers you have can directly impact your bottom line, and either work for, or against you. Read on to learn five effective tips to help save you money on the cost of printing in your office, while increasing efficiency and productivity.

Go Paperless

In an effort to save money and reduce environmental impact, more and more businesses are opting to go paperless. Digitizing hardcopy documents has a number of important benefits which include:

  • Ease of collaboration
  • Enhanced security
  • Reduced reliance on paper
  • Elimination of document loss or damage
  • Documents can be located quickly and easily using any number of search criteria

Consolidate Your Printer Fleet

Outdated, mismatched, and inefficient printers can be a drain on resources, as they typically need frequent repairs, consume excess energy, and require expensive or unique toner cartridges. Consider replacing older single use machines with new, energy efficient multifunction print devices (MFPs) that have the ability to scan, print, copy, and fax. By streamlining your fleet and purchasing your equipment from a single manufacturer, you can save even more on maintenance, service and consumables.

Automate Document Workflows

Automating manual document-centric processes can reduce or eliminate redundancies and excess printing, and save you time and money. Feature rich MFPs allow you to capture, share, and store information effortlessly, increasing document security while adhering to regulatory compliance standards.

Manage Your Consumables

An ill-managed print environment where multiple individuals are purchasing printers and consumables, can result in overspending and waste. You can avoid unnecessary stockpiling of paper, cartridges and toner by centralizing the task to a dedicated individual who will take responsibility for the ordering and inventory of all print supplies.

Relieve the IT Burden 

IT personnel are often stretched thin with day-to-day operations including system monitoring and maintenance. Each time they are called upon to assist with troubleshooting or printer repair productivity is reduced even further and frustration can arise. Working with a print management expert can help you identify printer problems and solutions that can free IT personnel, while reducing equipment downtime.

Free up valuable resources, increase productivity, and reduce the cost of printing in your organization, with professional document management software and solutions. Contact us today to learn more!


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