Helping Employees Transition to New Technology

Helping Employees Transition to New Technology, RYAN Business Systems

When it comes to new technology, it can be great for your business – but hard on your employees. Taking the time to learn new techniques and change old habits can be frustrating in an already busy workday. Fortunately, there are ways to make the transition to new technology easier.

Get Employee Input

Chances are that the person choosing the new technology isn’t the one who will have to use it every day. However, your employees are on the front lines of your business and know where the problem areas are. You should try to involve your team in the decision making process whenever possible. This can include initial research, trying out product demos, and consulting with the vendor. The more input your employees have, the more invested they will be in making the switch to a new product.

Look at the Benefits

Most vendors will be quick to point out all the features of the new technology products, but your employees may want more concrete information than this. How will the product benefit them – in productivity, error reduction, or ease of use? When presenting new technology to your team, focus on these benefits.

Integrate Into Your Current Technology

If your employees are already comfortable with the technology you have, why would you want to start all over? When looking for new solutions, sticking with familiar brands can help employees make a seamless transition. By making sure your new products integrate with your current technology, you can reduce downtime and errors.

Give it Time

The worst time to try to implement something new is when you’re in a time crunch. Schedule the transition for a less busy time, and be prepared for problems to crop up along the way.

Make it Fun

New tools can be difficult to use, but by making it fun you can get your employees on board with the change. Consider hosting a friendly competition between departments, or implement a reward system for successfully transitioning to the new products.

Updating to the latest technology is essential to keeping your business competitive. However it can be a difficult adjustment for your employees. By giving them input into the process and taking these other steps, you can help them willingly embrace your technology upgrades.


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