How MPS Helps Your School District to Reduce Costs and Benefit from the Latest Print Technology

How MPS Helps Your School District to Reduce Costs, RYAN Business Systems

Schools rely on printing on a daily basis. Despite printing playing a central role, many school districts have inefficient and outdated printing infrastructures due to limited budgets. However, by partnering with a Managed Print Services provider, your school district can benefit from using the latest print technologies while still staying within your budget.


Here are several ways that a partnership with Managed Print Services can prove beneficial to your school district: 

1. Make you aware of actual printing costs, volumes, and behaviors. 

Many school districts are dealing with out-of-control printing costs and aren’t even aware of it. A Managed Print Services provider can conduct a print assessment to make you aware of your actual printing costs, volumes and behaviors. This fact-based report will take into account your entire printing footprint and will help to identify areas of inefficiency and eliminate waste. A Managed Print Services provider will use this report to propose solutions that could help your school district to save as much as 30 percent in printing costs.  

2. Allow you to utilize the latest print technology.

If you’re relying on outdated print technology that has surpassed its useful life, you’re likely dealing with a lot of downtime and frustrated employees. It’s actually more affordable than you would think to upgrade to the latest print technology. A Managed Print Services provider can propose a solution based on your needs and budget to help you improve the efficiency of your print environment. 

3. Eliminate the need for multiple vendors and suppliers to keep printers in operation.

The typical print environment for a school district involves multiple device models and a variety of vendors and suppliers to keep the devices in operation. This makes it difficult to know who to call when a device needs service, or supplies need to be ordered. A Managed Print Services provider will eliminate this frustration and ensure that your devices are proactively maintained by handling all service and supplies needs.

4. Reduce wasteful spending.

A Managed Print Services provider will centralize the ordering of supplies, which will help to significantly reduce print-related costs. 

Let 2018 be the year that your print environment runs efficiently. Contact us to learn how Managed Print Services can help your school district to benefit from the latest print technology while reducing costs. 

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