HDD Security

RYAN Business Systems In Connecticut offers multiple HDD Security options

At RYAN we’ve received many inquiries in recent years requesting information on multifunction device data security. We’ve published information so that you can take the necessary precautions as part of your company’s existing security policy.

Your MFP has a hard drive and may be accessible online. As a result, like any other computer on your network, you have the responsibility of ensuring the security of any confidential information it may contain. While this may be obvious to IT professionals, we want to make sure that all of our customers are aware of the risks and have the information to protect themselves.

Security Options

Hard Disk Drive Format Technology: Our Canon and Kyocera products have this function which allows the system admin to conduct a one-time overwrite of a device’s hard drive prior to decommissioning the device. This addresses the immediate concerns of data being “readily available.”

Hard Drive Data Erase Kit: This is an added level of security provided as an accessory at the time of sale or anytime subsequent to installation. This level of security ensures that no trace of temporary data or deleted documents remain and leaves nothing vulnerable on the drive. Contact your RYAN representative for information on installation of this accessory.

Encryption Security Kit: In addition to the HDD Erase kit, this kit adds an additional layer of security. Contact your RYAN representative for information on installation of this accessory.

As a part of our extensive security product and service options, we also offer the following:

Hard Drive Removal and Replacement – Upon your request, we will remove the drive from any Canon or Kyocera MFD in coordination with your IT staff and will return it to you for disposal. The fee varies based on the product. If you’re leasing your equipment, a new hard drive is required to meet the lessor requirement that you return the system in working condition. If you own your system and will be disposing of your company’s drive, replacement is optional. If you plan to trade in your system, a working drive is necessary to have viable trade-in value.

Please give us a call or fill out the form if you have any questions or require support in this area.

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