Hidden Benefits of MPS

Hidden Benefits of MPS

When companies look at outsourcing their printing to a Managed Print Services provider, they are often doing so with an eye towards saving money.  With cost savings of as much as 30%,  it’s certainly a benefit of Managed Print Services. However, there are other benefits to MPS as well that you may not have been aware of.

Cost consolidation

Managed Print Services can definitely save you money, but it can also consolidate your print costs. Without MPS, each department may be doing its own supply ordering, which makes you miss out on the volume discounts that your MPS provider can provide. MPS also lets you plan for your print costs and device upgrades, so you won’t have any unpleasant surprises to throw your print budget out of whack. Managed Print Services helps streamline your budgeting and decrease your print expenses.

Increased productivity

When a printer goes down, it can grind your business to a halt. If you don’t have someone trained to fix it, this delay can last days before you get back on track. Working with a Managed Print Services provider eliminates this worry, keeping your printers running at peak performance with preventative maintenance and they are available for troubleshooting around the clock to minimize downtime and boost your productivity. They can also configure your printers for optimal productivity based on an analysis of your current print usage to further enhance this benefit.

Go green

A sign of an unmanaged print environment is often waste. Used toner cartridges, wasted paper and energy use all contribute to your carbon footprint. With today’s focus on protecting the environment, MPS can help your company be greener with a variety of solutions including recycling programs, energy efficient devices, and print settings to further reduce waste and supply use.

While the most obvious benefit of using MPS is the cost savings, there are other hidden benefits that can help your business long-term. By reducing supply usage, consolidating expenses, and improving productivity, partnering with an MPS provider can benefit your business in many ways.

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