Why Every Small Business Needs a Print Policy

Do you have a formal print policy? When was the last time you looked at it? Many small businesses don’t have a print policy and those that do often make it a low priority.

A print policy is a simple set of rules, expectations and behaviors for your staff to follow that will help you gain control of your print costs. In it’s most basic form, a print policy may cover things like usage procedures, for example who can print in color, or one-sided versus two-sided printing and personal use policies.

Introducing print controls is easy and can provide immediate benefits. To help develop your own formal policy consider these questions:

  1.  How many prints does each department really need? Some departments inherently need to print more than others. For example, finance may need hard copies of contracts and invoices, while sales can accomplish much of their work online using digital documents.
  1.  Who has access to color print? Color printing is expensive. Limiting access to just those departments that need it, like marketing, can lower costs significantly!
  1.  What are your device default settings? One simple step that can provide immediate results is resetting the defaults on your device. For example defaulting to two-sided printing from single sided can immediately cut your paper and toner use by 50%!
  1.  Do you have a new device procurement policy? Do you have a plan in place for purchasing new print devices and consumables? A purchase policy can reduce random purchases of technology that might not fit in with your IT goals.
  1.  How do you service printers? Have a clear troubleshooting plan in place. It can help to reduce service calls, save you money, and reduce downtime keeping your business running smoothly!
  1.  How will you effectively communicate policies with your staff? Make a plan for communicating print policies with your staff. Posting a memo in the staff room where no one will see it is useless. Try weekly emails with usage rules and security tips. It’s more effective and will engage your team into a dialog!

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