Simple Measures You Can Take to Keep Your Print Environment Secure

Simple Measures You Can Take to Keep Your Print Environment Secure, RYAN Business Systems

Almost every day we’re hearing about another company that has suffered a data breach. In today’s increasingly online world, businesses need to take a proactive approach to security.

Banks and insurance agencies are natural targets, but the fact is virtually every business maintains information that may be valuable to criminals. If you maintain payment records, employee information or customer data you are a potential target.

The truth is, large companies aren’t the only ones at risk. It’s been estimated that 60% of targeted attacks occur against small and medium sized businesses. This can be extremely dangerous if they lack the resources to mount effective countermeasures. Beyond the disruption to your business, breaches can erode hard earned trust and damage your reputation.

Here are a few often-overlooked areas to address to improve your company’s safety:

  1.  Move Beyond Paper Records – Paper documents can put your information at risk. An invoice left in a printer or a customer record kept in an unlocked file cabinet can simply disappear without a trace, and never be missed. Add the risk of loss from fire, flood or human error and you can begin to see the benefits of digital records. Digitization increases control, enhances security and reduces the chance of human error, like misfiling. Digital records also cost less and increase efficiency.
  1. Secure All Devices – While digital files are safer than paper, they’re obviously not inherently secure. You’d be shocked at the amount of unprotected information that can be recovered from an old device or hard drive.  Coupled with the threat of lost or stolen devices with an increasingly mobile workforce, and you can see why encryption and secure disposal of data is vital. Mobile devices can be protected with encryption and mobile device management systems that allow remote deletion of files. But there is often a device right in the center of your office that is a potential risk; your networked printer. Luckily, with locked password protection, drive encryption and data overwrite it’s easy to close this hole.
  1.  Limit Access – Physical theft is a major overlooked threat as hacking takes the spotlight. Usually the easiest way to steal information is to simply walk in and take it. Despite this, too many businesses do not monitor access or take precautions to keep intruders out. A card key access system can limit access to your office and can also be added to your print fleet to control access to your print devices. It also provides an audit trail in the event of a problem.

Today, businesses need to be proactive when it comes to security. Simple steps like these can help you to secure your office, data and devices. It’s a smart business practice that will keep your business safe and provide you with peace of mind in an increasingly interconnected world. For more tips on how you can keep your print environment safe, contact us today!

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