Are You Experiencing These Telltale Signs of an Inefficient Print Environment?

Are You Experiencing These Telltale Signs of an Inefficient Print Environment?, RYAN Business Systems

If you’re like most small businesses, you most likely don’t have an accurate picture of how much you’re spending on your print environment. In fact, you’re probably spending much more than you should. Fortunately, if you can eliminate the inefficiencies in your print environment, you will realize significant savings.

Here are some telltale signs of inefficiencies in your print environment:

The workplace is filled with cheap printers.

While they seem like the economical choice up-front, the cost of the supplies to keep these printers in operation can be astronomical. Even worse, with no central controls in place to manage the spending on these printers and their supplies, it’s nearly impossible to figure out the real cost associated with acquiring and maintaining them.

Documents are left on print output trays.

Documents that are left abandoned on print output trays are an obvious sign of waste of toner and paper. Leaving documents on print output trays also creates a security threat for your business, particularly if these documents contain sensitive information. Research shows that 90 percent of businesses have experienced a security breach due to unsecured printing practices.

There is no policy in place for purchasing print-related supplies.

If you have no controls in place for purchasing print-related supplies, you’re at the mercy of your employees. When you don’t have a dedicated person in place to manage the acquisition of print supplies, the costs could go unaccounted for, and uncontrolled.

Your employees are printing everything in color.

Printing in color costs considerably more than printing in black-and-white. However, if you don’t make black-and-white the default choice, it’s common for employees to print everything in color, even when it’s not necessary to do so.

A Managed Print Services provider can eliminate these inefficiencies in your print environment and help you to reduce costs by as much as 30 percent. By conducting a print assessment, we can make you aware of your actual printing costs and design a print environment that allows you to operate at peak efficiency. Contact us to learn more!

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