The Digital Storage Solution

The Digital Storage Solution, RYAN Business Systems

For decades, businesses have operated by maintaining paper-only records. These hardcopies fill up filing cabinets and storage facilities, posing a risk to the business that owns them. Paper is a fragile medium. Today’s digital technology offers a more secure and durable way to store your files.

A Fragile Medium

Paper is vulnerable and easily damaged. When all your records are stored on paper a fire or water damage could destroy years of effort in moments, or the ravages of time could break down the paper itself. Paper records are also at risk for being lost or stolen, compromising the security of your business.

Paper is also expensive to keep, requiring a lot of resources to produce and considerable physical space to store. When you need to access older records, it can be very inefficient to find the documents you need.

Digital is More Secure

Digital formats, on the other hand, provide a more durable method of storage. Digital storage space is inexpensive, allowing you to easily store redundant copies for insurance. Files can be indexed for easy searching, improving efficiency. Digital files can be encrypted and password protected for increased security against data theft.

Conversion is Easy

Today’s technology has made converting your documents to digital formats easy and affordable. For many businesses, the first step is to switch to digital workflows for current paper-heavy tasks. Scanning to the cloud allows you to make automatic copies of your data for storage.

The conversion to digital record keeping reduces the risk that you will lose your records to fire, floods, as well as increase the security of your data. When you add in the benefits of saving both time and money by using digital workflows it becomes clear that digital is an ideal solution for record keeping for many businesses across a wide range of industries.

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