The Right Way to Increase Document Security

The Right Way to Increase Document Security, RYAN Business Systems

Chances are that safeguarding your information from hackers and thieves is a big part of your overall security strategy, but if you’re like many, there is one area of your business where there is room for improvement: document security. While you may think you’re doing everything you can to make sure your information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, unless you have the right print equipment your documents could be at risk. Here is a list of common mistakes that can lead to a data breach, and tips to improve document security in your organization.

Forgetting About Your Documents

Documents left unattended or forgotten in the output tray may be stolen, copied or read by unauthorized personnel or visitors, putting your business at risk. Smart printers require users to input a unique code or other identifier at the printer before documents are printed and released.

Sending Your Files Unsecured

Technology makes it quick and convenient to send files to colleagues or associates, but if the file should be sent to the wrong address in error or intercepted during transit your information is at risk. Choose a printer that helps you password-protect your files to keep them safe.

Failing to Consider Your Hard Drive

With so much on your mind it’s not a wonder you don’t think about the hard drive on your office printer, but it contains a wealth of information that can put the security of your organization at risk. Opt for a printer that automatically overwrites the hard drive and uses secure encryption.

Not Deleting Your Files

There’s nothing wrong with saving scanned files to your device before uploading to a secure location in the cloud, unless you forget to delete them. Files that sit on your desktop or in an unsecured local folder are at risk from thieves and hackers, but you can eliminate that risk by choosing a printer that helps you save your scanned files directly to the cloud.

Delegating Print Jobs

In an effort to save time mobile workers may ask colleagues to print their materials for them so they are ready upon arrival. However, the document may then be saved in an unsecured location and accessed by an unauthorized party. The most secure printers enable secure mobile printing, so you can print from anywhere you have an Internet connection, and retrieve documents safely using a unique identifier upon arrival at the printer.

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