Common Print Oversights You May Be Overlooking

Common Print Oversights You May Be Overlooking, RYAN Business Systems

In most businesses, printers are a mainstay in the office. Because the print environment can be a busy place, basic oversights may be happening undetected – and these oversights can slow down your productivity, compromise your security and increase waste.

Let’s look at three common oversights workers commonly make in the print environment every day:

Leaving Confidential Documents Exposed in the Output Tray – This is a common occurrence in many work environments. Often employees get distracted on their way to the printer or forget to pick up their documents right away, leaving important or private documents exposed in the output tray. Be sure to go straight to the printer once you’ve clicked print—or take advantage of functions than can delay printing until the user releases the job.

Loading Paper Incorrectly Can Cause Time-consuming Paper Jams – A jammed printer can bring productivity to a halt. Sounds simple enough, but there is a right way and a wrong way to load paper – failing to do it properly can increase the chances of a jam. All employees who use the printer should be educated about the special care that needs to be taken when loading paper.  Post a simple troubleshooting guide by the printer to help the user resolve a jam easily on their own if the need arises.

Throwing Used Print Cartridges in the Garbage  – Does your company have a recycling program for used print cartridges? In a landfill used print cartridges can take centuries to decompose. Consider implementing a recycling program to return print cartridges to the manufacturer or a depot for recycling.

These are three ways to avoid oversights in your print environment. Being aware goes a long way towards developing long-term solutions for your business and your bottom line. Contact us today for more ways to create a more efficient print environment!

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