5 Steps for Developing a Print Security Plan

5 Steps for Developing a Print Security Plan, RYAN Business Systems

When hackers are looking for entry to your network, they’ll try to find the weakest link – which is often the multifunction printer. To fully secure your network and data, you need a print security plan to close this gap.

Implement a comprehensive plan.

Network and print security must go hand in hand. When developing a network security plan, you must consider your printers and other devices. When developing your print security plan, it must mesh with the rest of your network security protocols. Every printer and peripheral device must be accounted for.

Limit access.

An unsecured printer is asking for trouble. Anyone who uses the printer should be authorized, which you can ensure with user authentication. Pull-printing, or requiring authentication at the printer to release the printed job, eliminates the problem of unclaimed print jobs. The printer should also have controls that limit network access for more security.

Protect your data.

Data can be stolen at many points, both during transmission and in storage. By encrypting your data before it is sent or received by the MFP, you can minimize the risk if your data is intercepted. Your MFP’s hard drive should be regularly overwritten to further protect your data.

Monitor usage.

Security protocols only work if they’re followed. Print usage monitoring can help ensure compliance and pinpoint any unauthorized usage. Your print usage data can help you find any gaps in your security so you can fill them before disaster strikes.

Get help.

Print and network security are extremely important, but not all IT employees are up to the task. A Managed Print Services provider can provide you with a print assessment and help you develop a comprehensive print security plan for your business. You can be sure your plan incorporates the most up to date security measures to stay ahead of hackers.

Cyber crimes are on the rise, and all businesses are at risk. Protecting your network means protecting your printers as well. Developing a print security plan is an essential step towards guarding against cyber crimes and data breaches. Contact us at RYAN Business Systems to learn how to protect your print environment.

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