The Benefits of Digital Document Management Systems

The Benefits of Digital Document Management Systems

Today, in a bid to control costs and better manage information, more companies are turning toward digital document management and automation of business processes. With the increase in regulations and compliance issues, the extra paperwork, due dates, report and audits, managing your paper information is more difficult than ever. Managing these tasks can be overwhelming with lost documents, lost employee time spent on increased compliance, and bottlenecks becoming the new normal.

Document management software and process automation can help you to manage large volumes of information much more effectively.

Here are some key benefits to employing a document management system.

  1. Availability – When documents are transitioned to digital data they can be available 24/7. Documents can be searched, easily recovered and less likely to be misfiled.
  2. Manage Re-Certifications and Due Dates – Thanks to date tracking capabilities, you can be sure that everything from approvals, to required re-certifications can happen automatically with no spread sheets or paper files.
  3. Remove Redundancy – With a digital document management system, workflows and management integrate into existing software. That means no more redundant data entry.
  4. Reliable Document Routing and Tracking – Documents can be set-up to go through a pre-scheduled approval process. Notifications can be sent automatically the the appropriate party when they need to take action. Documents edits and updates can be automatically tracked with version control.
  5. Better Organization – Tasks can stay organized and in-view. Nothing drops off the radar! Because notifications are automatically delivered via email or pop-ups, you’ll eliminate the need for post-it-notes and whiteboards.
  6. Make The Audit Process Stress Free – When you need to produce compliance audits record keeping takes on a whole new urgency. When documents can be tracked and accessible 24/7 information is easier to compile and due dates managed. Audits become a piece of cake!
  7. Grow Your Business While Cutting Costs – Reducing human error, improving communication and collaboration and automating processes can improve productivity, reduced wasted time and cut your costs. It can also mean a faster time to market and better customer service!

The bottom line? Managing documents electronically and automating process means easier access and management of information when you need it the most. It can also free your staff to focus on more important tasks. If you’d like to learn more, contact a RYAN Business Systems representative today and we’d be happy to discuss how an electronic document management system can take your business to the next level!

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