Does Your Business Use Mobile Print? Here’s What You Need to Know.

It began the day Google changed their algorithm. They called it “Mobilgeddon” and it ignited a bit of a firestorm about the dominance of mobile technology. While mobile is the buzzword of the day, the truth is, mobile is here to stay. The rise of mobile technology has created an opportunity and the demand for companies to institute on-the-go mobile print.

Mobile print uses a cloud based solution allowing any employee with an Internet connection to print from their device. But there’s more to mobile printing than simply hitting the print button. As mobile print tools evolve, businesses across all industries are reaping the benefits of mobile print. Are you?

Here are four reasons why mobile print is right for your business:

• Productivity and convenience… for employees: If you have workers on the road, in regional offices, or working from home, having printed documents is most likely a part of your daily workflows. Having your employees using the same convenient mobile printing platform keeps your team members on the same page. Standardization isn’t just convenient; it can boost team productivity as well.

• …and for IT: Another benefit of mobile print is that anyone (visiting clients, customers, contractors, new hires) can easily print within your network without having to involve your IT staff. A mobile print standard creates a consistent process making printing from any device easy. This frees your IT team to focus on business critical tasks.

• Increased Security: Mobile security should be an important part of your overall mobile strategy. Your strategy should include parameters around what documents can be shared and printed within the network. Be sure to outline standards for encryption, user authentication and audit capabilities so your mobile printing will be both convenient AND secure.

• Improve Your Bottom Line: When it comes to any business decision, it all comes down to your bottom line. Mobile print offers significant cost benefits; especially if you have employees working from the road. Mobile print can improve productivity and reduce your IT team’s burden saving you money, and your staff time.

Are you ready to learn more about mobile printing? Contact us and we can show you how, with the right tools, your information can be as mobile as your employees!

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