Canon imageFORMULA DR-C225II Document Scanner



The Canon imageFORMULA DR-C225 II  and DR-C225W II Document Scanner, from RYAN, features an innovative, upright, space-saving design that frees up desk space.

Its flexibility and high image quality are only surpassed by its ease of use, making it ideal for converting paper-based documents to digital files. The wireless capability of the DR-C225W II makes it ideal for sharing the scanner among multiple users.

In corporate or remote offices, these scanners are well-suited for use by individuals or small workgroups to modernize paper-based processes, helping to increase efficiency and productivity. A variety of document types and sizes can be scanned and digitized, creating keyword searchable files. Legal, financial, healthcare industries, and the government sector can all benefit from the space-saving design and ease of use. When combined with the Canon CaptureOnTouch bundled software, documents can be scanned directly to cloud applications. The DR-C225W II comes with Wi-Fi® capability, allowing the scanner to be used with smartphones or tablets and shared among multiple users.

Both scanners feature intuitive, front-side-forward, top-up item feeding. A single click allows for the adjustment of multiple features to easily create an optimal scanned image. Windows® and Mac® drivers are included for easy integration with third-party scanning software. The bundled Canon CaptureOnTouch software enables users to configure routine scan jobs for quick and easy one-touch access. It can also save scanned images directly to cloud applications, such as GoogleDrive™, Microsoft® SharePoint®, and Dropbox and more.

The U-turn path space-saving design is ideal for environments where space is at a premium. Top-feeding and default top-eject, along with a cable management system help to keep the working footprint to a minimum.

Scanning at up to 25 ppm,* both sides of an item at the same time, the DR-C225 II/DR-C225W II scanners can reliably handle a wide variety of document types, such as thick or thin documents and plastic or embossed cards. Long documents up to 118” in length or oversized documents up to 11” x 17” can easily be scanned. Double-feed detection helps to ensure that no data is lost. Files can be saved as PDF, PDF/A, JPEG, TIFF, PPTX, BMP, or PNG to integrate with many different software programs.

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