MPS Frequently Asked Questions

Managed Print Services Frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions we’re frequently asked about our MPS solutions:

• Can you manage our current print devices?
Of course! We will always work with you, taking your budget and needs into account. We can manage your current printers and MFPs so you don’t have to lease or buy new ones. However, we reserve the opportunity to first inspect your existing equipment to ensure that it’s working properly. If it is, there should be no need to acquire new equipment, unless you deem it necessary.

• How will we be invoiced?
Bringing service under one umbrella allows us to provide you with simplified invoicing from one company – RYAN.

• Is there any flexibility in a RYAN MPS solution?
In a word, yes! We can custom design a print solution for a single printer, your entire office, or an enterprise fleet of print devices. Our solutions are comprehensive and support both monochrome and color devices.

• How can your MPS improve my company’s print environment?
We offer simplified accounting. You’ll receive a monthly itemized invoice for the number and type of outputs made across your entire fleet. It includes all of the information you’ll need to accurately review, reconcile, and predict your entire office print budget. Our cumulative data will help you identify excess printing, bottlenecks, and other trouble spots so you can adjust accordingly.
You will pay a fixed cost-per-page. Every document uses a variable amount of ink or toner. In an unmanaged or unmonitored environment, this means you’re paying a different price for each document that you output. Service calls can be unpredictable and typically only support minimum thresholds from multiple service vendors.

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    With the RYAN Managed Print Services solution, all of your variable expenses are consolidated. You pay a fixed cost-per-page which controls your costs and reduces your overall print expenditures.
    Finally, you’ll enjoy ease-of-use and increased peace of mind. You can rest easy with our simplified ordering and service from one vendor, RYAN! With our MPS solution there’s no need to stock up on excessive supplies. Our print monitoring software provides you with real-time data for all of your devices and you can order supplies and service directly from us, right online!

    • How much support is available?
    We offer proactive maintenance, on-site service and technical support ensuring that you get dependable, professional results when you need it. We can customize your plan to fit your businesses unique needs. Whether you’re looking for savings on acquiring new hardware, reducing your ongoing costs, or re-configuring your existing print environment, we can provide the exact level of support you need to reach our agreed upon goals and objectives.

    • How do we get started?
    Contact us and ask about our complimentary print assessment. We’ve found that most of our customers weren’t sure exactly how many devices (networked and stand-alone) they had onsite, or specifically what those devices were costing them. Our comprehensive print assessment can provide you with a fact-based report on the current state of your print environment and identify opportunities for improvement. Your printing is probably costing you a lot more than you think. Why not take advantage of the latest technology and bring a new level of efficiency, cost savings and management control to your print environment?

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