Today’s law firms face increasingly complex challenges related to documents, their security, storage, mobile printing and workflows.

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In most law firms, paper documents are still the predominant vehicle for storing data. With the advent of electronic filing in the courts, manual and paper based processes make it more time consuming and costly to turn case files around quickly.  RYAN can help your firm keep up with technology, while improving your digital workflow and making it easier to transition to electronic files.

You ask, we answer:

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Law Firms Asked:

  • Cost-Consciousness: How do We Increase revenues while controlling costs?
  • Security: We need to Ensure security and confidentiality of client information – easily
  • Mobile Printing: How Do We Manage the transition to mobile devices (for print and scan)?
  • Productivity: How Do We Easily Convert paper-based workflows to electronic?


RYAN Answers:

  • Implement Print Policies to reduce Costs

RYAN provides your law firm several options to track printing costs, influence employee behavior, streamline client chargeback and ultimately manage the output cost

  • Encourage cost-conscious Behavior

With uniFLOW from RYAN, you can track your firm’s printing, copying, scanning and faxing costs and generate analytical reports to offer an insight as to what users are printing and the costs incurred. The detailed tracking and activity reports help to analyze device usage and identify cost saving opportunities in order to influence responsible printing and copying behavior e.g. controls can be setup for print jobs in excess of 50 pages to be automatically routed to the central print room or a less expensive printer.

  • Client Chargeback

uniFLOW from RYAN allows you to allocate printing charges to departments, groups and individual lawyers with multiple levels of clients/matters or cost centers. This will help to determine whether printing costs should be charged to a client or the fee is the firm’s responsibility.

  • Support environmental Initiatives

uniFLOW from RYAN provides an environmental analysis report which means office wide green initiatives can be reviewed by making comparisons of print activity between two quarters, total paper usage and two-sided printing.

  • Integration with existing Back-End Systems

uniFLOW from RYAN enables all print/copy related expenses, including client/matter data, to be reported back to billing systems e.g. ELITE®, Tabs3® and many more using the flexible SQL Export utility.

  • Keep devices secure and protect confidential client information

With uniFLOW from RYAN, users are required to identify themselves at the device via card login, PIN code or job code. Different access rights to device functions can be given dependent on job role. These measures ensure only authorized staff are able to scan/print sensitive client information.

  • Print confidential Documents securely

When documents are left on the output tray of a device, there is a risk of breaching data protection legislation which can result in costly fines. To prevent this, all print jobs are stored in a user’s personal secure print queue. uniFLOW then requires all users to authenticate themselves before releasing any printouts. Users can securely release their print jobs on any printer or MFD in the office network, irrespective of building or city so that documents can be accessed where they are needed.

  • Managing the Transition to mobile Devices

uniFLOW allows all users to send print jobs either directly from their mobile device, using the iOS® or Android™ app, or via email whilst still maintaining the same level of security when printing from within the firm.

In the background, uniFLOW will track all usage and report back for client chargeback.

  • Easily Convert Paper Based Workflows into Electronic

Integration into popular legal DMS Systems

Today’s law firms use various document management systems and integration into these systems is critical to a firm’s productivity and profitability. With uniFLOW from RYAN, the Canon MFDs and document scanners provide access to various legal document management systems including iManage Work, DMSforLegal, Lexis Affinity™, RightFax, Therefore™, Microsoft SharePoint®/ SharePoint® Online and Hyland OnBase®. A user can scan directly into a document management system using a customized, one-touch button to manually add index fields or automatically capture them from a document. uniFLOW also allows secure scanning into popular cloud-based systems e.g. Box, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive®, Evernote and Google Drive™.

Converting Paper into editable digital Formats

Law firms need to have case files in easy-to-edit digital formats. uniFLOW allows case files to be scanned easily into editable Microsoft Word which helps to improve staff productivity. uniFLOW also allows the client/matter data to be validated against the firm’s database resulting in fewer errors and saving time during the scan process.

  • The Bottom Line

In most law firms, paper documents are still the predominant vehicle for storing data. With the advent of electronic filing in the courts, manual and paper based processes make it more time consuming and costly to turn case files around quickly.  RYAN can help your firm keep up with technology, while improving your digital workflow and making it easier to transition to electronic files.

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See how your firm can benefit from uniFLOW for legal – bringing security and total control to your fingertips.

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